Black Gemstone Jewellery

Black Gemstone Meanings and Benefits

Absorbs Negative Energy - Protection - Good Luck - Elegance - Depression - Powerful - Grief 

Emotions of Black

Imagine how you would feel if you saw a black cat walk across your path or how elegant you may feel in your favourite black dress.

The colour black is traditionally worn at funerals where loved ones and family are grieving.

 Wearing black clothes on a hot sunny day would only make you feel hotter because black absorbs the rays from the sun's energy therefore absorbing all kinds of energy. 

 Would the colour black help make you feel more protected and powerful?

Main Meaning for You being Drawn to the Colour Black

You prefer to show the outside world that you are strong, independent and on occasions, mysterious, however, emotionally you also need to feel protected.

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6 products