Crystal Healing Tumbled and Polished Gemstones

Giving you Good Energy Vibrations Anytime - Any Place - Anywhere

Tumbled and Polished Gemstones come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, all of which have many different meanings connected to them from the healing energy within each Tumbled and Polished Gemstone itself.

Tumbled and Polished Gemstones can help benefit you in so many positive and uplifting ways on all Mental, Physical and Spiritual levels, from feeling depressed and anxious, feelings of anger and jealousy to helping you achieve more loving and lasting relationships, reaching your life goals and helping to create more happiness, wealth and prosperity and overall a better understanding and healthier lifestyle for yourself, family and friends.

You can carry them around with you Anytime, Any Place and Anywhere, you can also place them anywhere throughout your home or even underneath your pillow while you sleep.



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25 products