Gemstones by Birthstone

Wearing Your Birthstone is a Symbol of Protection, Good Health and Fortune

On the day you were born, signifies your Birth(day) and which Birthstone is connected to you throughout your whole lifetime.

 Jewellery containing Birthstones have always been considered to be more Symbolic, Personal and Meaningful to the person wearing them.

They also make fantastic gifts for any Special Occasion including, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Valentines's Day, Wedding Day including gifts for Bridesmaids, Graduations or even for that Special Someone in your life.

How to Order Birthstone Bracelet(s)

Choose preferred Bracelet Design.

Choose Size and Birthstone Month.

Add to Cart.

Please Note: 

Bracelet Design images are for illustration purposes only as the image may contain different Birthstones from the Month you choose.


For Example:

  • Bracelet Design Chosen: Birthstone Bracelet Custom Made with Choice of Birthstones Design A 
  • Birthstone Month Chosen: January (Garnets)

We would just simply replace the Birthstones on your Bracelet Design chosen example (Birthstone Bracelet Design A) which shows September (Lapis  Lazuli) Birthstones for your chosen Birthstone Month example of January and Garnets. 

 'Don't forget to pop back regularly to view any new jewellery designs'



6 products

6 products