Gemstones by Chakras

The Healing Energy Centres in Your Body

When you wear chakra jewellery made with natural gemstones or place a healing tumbled and polished gemstone onto the corresponding chakra(s), you are creating a connection between your own energy field and the energy vibrations of those gemstones.

This is when they work simultaneously to help heal deep rooted or long standing issues that may be preventing you from achieving what you most desire and from moving forwards in your life.

Gemstones, Chakras and their Meanings

Amethyst (Crown) - Consciousness, Spirituality and Inspiration.

Sodalite (Third Eye) - Intuition, Vision and Imagination.

Blue Lace Agate (Throat) - Communication, Truth and Expression.

Amazonite (Heart) - Love, Relationships and Emotions.

Lemon Jasper (Solar Plexus) - Confidence, Strength and Determination.

Carnelian (Sacral) - Creativity, Desires and Pleasure.

Garnet (Root) - Sexuality, Sensuality and Stability.

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10 products