Tigers Eye Collection

Main Meaning

Mental Health ~ Protection ~ Wealth 

Broken Bones

Chakra: Third Eye, Solar Plexus and Sacral

Birthstone: November (By Month) - Capricorn and Leo (By Zodiac Sign)

Wedding Anniversary: 9 Years and 18 Years


 Every Single Day I Gain More Courage And Strength To Conquer Any Fears Or Limitations That May Be In My Life.

Spiritual Guidance

When you feel insecure, fearful or you have self doubts, mental blocks or anxiety it is inevitable that you will become and feel more negative because unfortunately Misery Loves Company, but when you start to use Tigers Eye every day, this Gemstone can help to build your Courage, Strength, Focus and can also help to remove all the mental clutter, provide you with more positive feelings and a deeper kind of emotional and mental healing for you.

*Remember that if negativity attracts negative things to happen in your life then feelings of Positivity can attract positive things to happen in your life.

4 products

4 products