Baltic Amber for Pain Relief

Meaning For You Being Drawn To Baltic Amber

Your Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

Being drawn to Baltic Amber today is to remind you to take more care of yourself because you have either been suffering with some kind of pain or you may have been ignoring the pain you feel for quite some time either on a psychological, physical or emotional level.

Over the years you have shed many tears, hurts and pain and now is the time for you to begin your healing process, to receive more warmth into your body, more love into your heart and more light into your life, while also remembering to love and nurture your inner child because it is the very place that your healing needs to begin.

You are being urged to connect and tune into your soul, to feel and listen to the messages that are being shared with you, to be patient and to allow yourself time to heal.

Wear Baltic Amber daily because it can help you to become more patient and is a powerful and potent healer, purifier and cleanser because this Gemstone has the ability to draw out disease and pain from your mind, body and soul and can also encourage tissues revitalisation, protection and renewal by absorbing any stagnant and negative energies and transforming them into a more positive energy.


Baltic Amber 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote


Maybe you have difficulty trusting others, have emotional issues and find it hard to let go of the past, maybe you have anxiety, depression or suffer with fears or phobia's, if you experience any of these issues, work closely with Baltic Amber because the energy vibrations this Gemstone transmits can help you to develop trust, release and absorb emotional issues while encouraging and assisting you to let go of your past and also build your self esteem, inner strength, allow you to believe in yourself and also bring more peace, flexibility and happiness into your life for you to feel a sense of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have short term memory loss or you find it difficult to make decisions by yourself, Baltic Amber can also help with these.

Maybe you are of more mature years and have feelings of loneliness and isolation, if you do feel this way, wear and hold Baltic Amber during these times because it is extremely beneficial for bringing comfort and warmth to people of a more mature age and also for elderly people.

Perhaps you are secretly wishing for or seeking everlasting love with a partner or maybe you are already in an established relationship and simply wish to re-light the flames of passion or you could be getting married, if any of these situations apply to yourself Baltic Amber is a great Gemstone for attracting everlasting love your way, it is known for its powerful effects to electrify desire in men and it is also traditionally used for assuring the promises made during wedding vows.

Overview Of Benefits From Baltic Amber

  • Helps you to recover quicker from illness's.
  • Absorbed directly through your skin as Baltic Amber contains Succinic Acid which is an excellent natural Analgesic (pain reliever).
  • Provides pain relief in conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Gout, Migraines and Joint Pains.
  • Enhances Fertility and Balances Hormone Levels in Females to Prepare your Body ready for Pregnancy and helps with Frigidity.
  • Baltic Amber is been credited to cure impotency and is said to electrify desire in men.

Additional Benefits from Baltic Amber

Psychic Advice - Less pain also helps to remove feelings of depression and anxiety which allows you to feel more cheerful and calm which in turn empowers you and boosts your self esteem and also your Immune System.

Chakras - Place Baltic Amber on to any of your Chakras as it will help to clear energy blockages and to lessen or remove pain on all levels of the Mind, Body and Soul.

Affirmation - Pain Will Not Control My Life - I Control The Pain Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.

Tip - Hold Baltic Amber close to your heart to balance your emotions.

 Baltic Amber Collection

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Keywords For Baltic Amber

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