Baltic Amber Meaning and Healing Benefits

Piece of natural and pure Baltic Amber close up on a rock

Main Meaning

Pain Reliever ~ Depression ~ Phobias

 Wedding Vows ~ Female Fertility/Male Impotency   

Chakra: All 7 main Chakras

Birthstone: N/A (By Month) - Leo and Aquarius (By Zodiac Sign)

Wedding Anniversary: 23 years 


Benefits for your Mind 

Fears ~ Depression ~ Fears ~ Anxiety ~Self Esteem ~ Empowering ~ Serenity ~ Decision Making ~ Patience ~ Stress Reliever ~ Wisdom ~ Cheerfulness ~ Strength ~ Short Term Memory ~ Develops Trust, Stimulates Intellect ~ Flexibility ~ Balances the Emotions ~ Clears the Mind ~ Releases Negative Energy and helps you to believe in yourself.


Benefits for your Body

Throat (Goiters) ~ Joint Pain ~ Arthritis ~ Teething Pain ~ Recovery of illness ~ Amber contains Succinic Acid, a Natural Analgesic and Healing Agent that can be absorbed through the skin helping with Pain Relief.

Females: Enhances Fertility and Balances Hormone Levels to Prepare your Body ready for Pregnancy and helps with Frigidity.

Males:  Amber Gemstones have been credited to Cure Impotency and believed to 'Electrify Desire' in Men.


Benefits for your Soul

Great Gemstone for the Elderly ~ Shields against Negative Energy from others ~ Helps you to move forward with Life ~ Light at the End of the Tunnel ~ Attracting Lasting Love ~ Assuring Promises and often used in Wedding Vows and is said to help those who may be Battling with Suicidal tendencies.



A Little History

Baltic Amber is said to be one of the Worlds Greatest Treasures.

Very often Copal is mistaken for Amber but Copal is an 'Immature' form of Amber and therefore is much cheaper in value and Experts have assessed the age of Copal to be between 50 years and 1.6 Million Year's old based on the Geological settings in which it is found and other evidence both Chemically and Botanically.

Baltic Amber (also known as Succinite) is considered the *Highest Quality in the World and is said to be approximately 46 Million Years old and it is said that the main deposits are on the Southern Shores of the Baltic Sea.

It is estimated that the Forests during this period of the 'Eocene Epoch' had created more than 100,000 tons of this Superior type of Amber (Baltic)

Why is Baltic Amber different from Amber from other parts of the World?

Baltic Amber is highly recommended to be the only type of Amber you should use for healing purposes as it contains higher levels of a substance called Succinic Acid which is a *Natural Pain Reliever, (Analgesic) and is more sought after for this very reason.

During the Stone Age, they used it for its 'Magical and Medicinal' Properties and throughout History has been used to make Necklaces to Protect People from harm and to shield them from Negative Energy from others.

Amber has also been put inside tombs to guard the dead in the afterlife.

Referred to as a 'Biological Gemstone of Nature' as Baltic Amber is neither a Crystal or a Mineral but a Protective Substance that came from the life of the trees in Prehistoric Forests of which has taken many, many millions of years to fossilize.

In 2016, one of the Oldest pieces of Baltic Amber was said to be approximately 320 Million Years Old.

Baltic Amber is also 'Electrostatic' and is considered to be one of the most effective and energetic substances to help drain out Poisons, Toxins, Disease and Pain from the body.

Also by being able to stimulate the body's own natural mechanisms of healing itself, Baltic Amber can help Boost your Immune System.


Mohs Scale: 3

(The Scale Number from 1 to 10 given to Gemstones based on their hardness and ability to Scratch another Gemstone)


 Please Note:

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