Botswana Agate Gemstone for Sensitive Souls

Meaning for you being drawn to Botswana Agate

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

You have been drawn to the Botswana Agate today because you may tend to have more of a sensitive type of nature and may feel hurt or discouraged more easily than some people may tend to feel or it could be that you sometimes wished that you felt more secure or stable instead of feeling as if everything around you is falling apart.

Some Gemstones such as Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz have high energy vibrations, but Botswana Agate contains a lower intensity of energy vibrations which are great if you are more of a Sensitive Soul type of person. However, Botswana Agate will still bring a lot of strength, stability, comfort and protection to you and will not be too overpowering but will provide more of a soothing and calming energy for your Sensitive Soul.

Botswana Agate 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote

Maybe you or your partner are experiencing sexual problems which could be causing stress in your relationship or maybe you are both trying for a baby but could possibly have suppressed emotional issues that are preventing you both from achieving what you both most wish to have.

If you usually suffer from low moods, Depression, feel lonely during dark evenings or if you are going through a loss of a loved one or the grieving process keep Botswana Agate close by to you to help increase your emotional mental strength, to comfort you during these times and to lift your spirits.

Maybe you find it more difficult to socialise in large groups and experience periods of having panic attacks or have difficulty travelling anywhere or you may even suffer with Agoraphobia, if you find yourself experiencing any of these situations Botswana Agate can help you to overcome any fears and phobias.

 Overview of Benefits from Botswana Agate

  •  Provides a calming and soothing energy vibration for sensitive souls.
  • Removes emotional and mental blocks for fertility and sexual issues in both men and women.
  • Increases sensuality and passion in both men and women.
  • Facilitates emotional and mental strength when going through a loss or grieving process.
  • Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Agoraphobia (panic attacks in public places)

 Additional Benefits from Botswana Agate

Spiritual Guidance - You may be a sensitive soul and by caring too much for others may cause you to get hurt more easily, just remember not to lose touch of your own needs, feelings and desires.

Chakras - Place Botswana Agate onto your root Chakra as it will help to clear energy blockages and encourage you to feel more secure and stable in any sensitive situation.

Affirmation – My Emotions Are Strong Enough To Deal With Any Situation That Crosses My Path.

Tip – Give Botswana Agate to your partner to wear or carry in their pocket if their emotions or feelings towards you have gone a little stale and need a boost in the right direction.

 Botswana Agate Collection

Group of Botswana Agate Tumbled Gemstones


Keywords for Botswana Agate

 Sensitivity – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – Depression – Anxiety – Loneliness – Agoraphobia – Panic Attacks – Security – Stability – Analytical Skills – Sexual Issues – Pregnancy – Comfort – Soothing – Nicotine Addictions (smoking) – Epilepsy – Insomnia – Sleep Walking – Eyes – Boosts Fertility – Potency in Men – Self-Destructive Behaviour – Grief – Emotional Stability.


 Please Note:

*As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.

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