Botswana Agate Meaning and Healing Benefits

Close up of Botswana Agate Slice

Main Meaning

Highly Sensitive People ~ Fertility/Pregnancy

Sexual Problems

Chakra: Root

 Birthstone: N/A (By Month) - Scorpio (By Zodiac Signs)

Wedding Anniversary: N/A

 Benefits for your Mind 

Balances physical, emotional and intellectual energies ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Good Gemstone to have to help with Analytical Skills ~ Aids feeling of security ~ Self Confidence.


Benefits for your Body

Helps to boost fertility in women and to encourage potency in men for the conception of strong and healthy babies ~ Excellent Gemstone to have during pregnancy ~ Insomnia ~ Prevents sleep walking ~ Strengthens blood vessels ~ Purifies Skin ~ Eye disorders ~ Help to reduce symptoms of epilepsy and to break fevers ~ Sexual problems.


Benefits for your Soul

Smoking addictions ~ Comfort during dark and lonely nights ~ Stability and security when you feel everything around you is falling apart ~ Encourages you to explore the unknown ~ helps you to see the bigger picture and to take responsibility for own actions ~ Sexual dysfunction in men and women ~ Encourages you to release emotional repression and blocks to fertility issues associated with the stress of trying to conceive for a baby.



A Little History

Botswana Agate Gemstones have been used for over 5,000 years in Africa where they would use them for 'Fecundity Rituals'  (A ritual to achieve strong and healthy babies and bloodline and to also have a strong sexual life together with partner).

These Gemstones were named after the same place they was mined  'Botswana, South Africa'.

They are also known as the Sunset Gemstone because of their ability to retain the sunlight and to give comfort to those who tend to feel more lonely and sad during the dark and cold winter nights, also known and referred to as 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' (S.A.D. For short).

It is said that these same Gemstones are on record for dating back to approximately 187 million years ago, during Volcanic Activity.


Mohs Scale: 7.0

(The Scale Number from 1 to 10 given to Gemstones based on their hardness and ability to Scratch another Gemstone)


Please Note:

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