Citrine Gemstone for Wealth Abundance and Happiness

Meaning for you being drawn to Citrine

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

Citrine is also known as the Money or Merchants Gemstone because of its powerful energy vibrations is like a magnet for attracting Wealth into your life.

Today you have chosen a favourite Gemstone of Queen Victoria who was well known for her love of Gemstone Jewellery and historians have said that the Gemstone she loved and had great admiration for above all other Gemstones was in fact Citrine, it is said that she admired this Gemstone so much that she later gave her authorisation and seal of approval for Citrine Gemstones to be used and inserted into kilt pins and shoulder brooches for the Traditional Scottish Costume.

World renown celebrities like Jessica Chastain, and Jennifer Lopez wear Citrine Jewellery, even Prince William was said to buy a Citrine Ring for his wife Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) following the birth of their son, Prince Louis.


Citrine 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote


The reason you have been drawn to Citrine today is to let you know that it is your right from birth to live and enjoy the experience of having Wealth, Abundance and Happiness in your life and that the powerful flow of the energy vibrations from Citrine is connecting with you today to let you know it is time for you to take charge of your life now, for you to trust and believe that you do deserve and you are very much worthy of receiving the best things in your life.

If you have been experiencing a lack of Wealth, Abundance and Happiness in your life, being drawn to Citrine is also a reminder for you to free your mind from all thoughts of limitations and to wear, hold and focus your intentions into Citrine to keep your willpower, optimism, determination and motivation at high levels to enable you to receive the rewards as a result of your own positive actions.

You were not born to live a life in poverty or to struggle throughout your life, you were born to live and enjoy a prosperous, fulfilling and happy life, to have Wealth, Abundance and Happiness circulating freely throughout your life, to do the things you wish to do and how and when you wish to do these very things.

Remember that it takes just as much energy from you to doubt yourself, to be negative, to criticise or disbelieve in yourself and your own capabilities as it does for you to become more positive, uplifted, re-energised and more confident in yourself and your own capabilities, wear and work closely with Citrine, always making sure you only use your best intentions as often as you can to help change all these negative feelings and emotions into a much higher vibration with more positive ones, to encourage yourself to live your life full of Wealth, Abundance and Happiness.

There may have been times throughout your life, due to other commitments or challenges when you may have felt that good things just don't happen to people like yourself or maybe you have thought that you were probably destined to work hard all your life for very little back in return, to struggle for the rest of your life, this is far from the truth and reality of how your life should truly be, by you thinking or allowing yourself to feel this way, you are unfortunately pushing away the very things that you truly wish for and want in your life, by you wearing, using and working closely with Citrine, this Gemstone can completely help change your way of thinking and can actually amplify your positive thoughts and in turn create more positive thoughts which will inevitably help create for you the very results you have been wishing and hoping for all along.

Perhaps you feel as if you have lost your way in life, maybe you feel that you have given up on the very things you would love to have in your life, if this sounds like yourself, wear or hold Citrine daily and have the right intentions to help get you back on the right path for you to follow this exciting and prosperous new journey ahead.

Any negativity around you while you are wearing Citrine will be absorbed and dissolved while also keeping your emotions balanced and your motivation at a higher level, this Gemstone will also help to protect you if you tend to experience episodes of depression, fears and phobias and can have a calming effect around yourself and others during any family, upsets, arguments or disagreements.

The universe itself is full of Wealth, Abundance and Happiness and Citrine is a gift that comes from our universe and has been in existence since approximately 300 BC, this Gemstone contains one of the most powerful and amplifying energy vibrations of all other Gemstones that when used correctly with the right intentions from yourself can bring and allow all the Wealth, Abundance and Happiness to circulate freely throughout your life - You just need to want it enough, use Citrine every day and stay focussed on what your true intentions are to help change your life for the better.

When you hold Citrine, and look inside this Gemstone, spend some time alone to become connected and feel the amplifying and powerful energy vibrations while focussing solely on the Golden Rays within these Gemstones, just like the Golden Rays from the Sun, every time you do this, imagine these Golden Rays are like a shower all over your body and Aura, purifying and cleansing your old ways of thinking and feeling, then allow Citrine to bring to you a whole new powerful and positive energy for the process of creating more Wealth, Abundance and Happiness to begin and to become a part of your every day life and journey.

Overview of Benefits from Citrine

  •  One of the most powerful amplifying Gemstones to help turn your dreams, goals and intentions into a reality.
  • Protects you from episodes of depression, fears and phobias.
  • Best Gemstone for giving your willpower and feelings of self worth a boost.
  • Creates and attracts Wealth, Abundance and Happiness into all areas of your life.
  • Known as the Money or Merchants Gemstone because of its powerful energy vibrations is like a magnet for attracting Wealth into your life.

 Additional Benefits from Citrine

Spiritual Guidance - The timing is right for you to allow the powerful energy vibrations of Citrine to shower you with its Golden Rays, to purify and rejuvenate your Aura energy field because you now have the ability to access all the healing energy, Wealth, Abundance and Happiness that you wish to have.

Chakras - Place Citrine onto all or any of your Chakras to cleanse and re-energise your complete Mind, Body and Soul.

Affirmation - Wealth, Abundance And Happiness Comes To Me Now From Unexpected Sources And I Am So Grateful To Receive These Into My Life.


1. Keep Citrine near your wallet, purse or where you store any money to amplify the circulation of money and prosperity around you.

  1. Place Citrine onto your Crown Chakra to amplify your creative inspiration.
  2. Keep Citrine close by to you whenever you wish to increase your personal power.
  3. If you feel sad or unhappy, hold and focus into Citrine because this Gemstone can help bring lots of joy and happiness to yourself and anybody else that holds and connects to Citrine because of its Golden Rays that are just like the Sun.
  4. Keep Citrine in the Wealth and Abundance corner of your home to allow its powerful energy vibrations to circulate freely around your home, attracting good things to enter into your life.

* The Wealth and Abundance corner of your home (if your home is South facing) is located in any room to the left and furthest corner away from your front or main entrance door to your home. 

Citrine Collection

Bellensia Bracelet with 6mm round Citrine Lapis Lazuli and Garnet Gemstones


Keywords For Citrine

Wealth ~ Abundance ~ Happiness ~ Prosperity ~ Wisdom ~ Optimism ~ Willpower ~ Motivation ~ Self Esteem ~ Concentration ~ Depression ~ Fears and Phobias ~ Enthusiasm ~ Absorbs and Dissolves Negative Energy ~ Powerful Amplifier of Energy ~ Inner Calm ~ Protection of Aura ~ Grounding ~ Reverses Self Destructive Behaviours ~ Resolves Past Issues ~ Hypersensitivity to Environmental Influences ~ Male Hormones ~ Alzheimer's ~ Bad Nerves ~ Constipation ~ Cellulite ~ Kidney/Bladder Infections ~ Spleen ~ Pancreas ~ Blood Circulation ~ Thymus and Thyroid Gland ~ Eye Problems ~ Degenerative Diseases ~ Toxin Remover


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