Clear Quartz The Master Healer and Gemstone of Power

Meaning for you being drawn to Clear Quartz

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

You have been drawn to Clear Quartz today because on some kind of level either mentally, physically or spiritually you need some healing to deep cleanse and purify yourself because there is a part or several parts of your being that has become un-productive, toxic, negative and blocked with stagnant energy which is preventing you from achieving good health, a clearer and focussed mind with positive energy flowing freely around your Aura and into your life.

Clear Quartz is not called the Master Healer for nothing and sometimes it is called the Universal Gemstone or Gemstone of Power and in Japan it is also referred to as the Perfect Jewel.

The energy vibrations that come from Clear Quartz is extremely high and this powerful Gemstone can not only amplify and transmit energy but it can also retain it's own energy and still remain powerful.

The energy vibrations from Clear Quartz can also re-energise, re-charge and amplify the energy vibrations within other Gemstones.

Think of Clear Quartz as a kind of energy solar panel or a universal battery charger where it can constantly charge, amplify, cleanse and purify your Aura (energy field surrounding your whole body) at any moment in time.

Clear Quartz can protect you from all kinds of negative energy, can un-lock your memory when you forget, is soothing, cleansing and provides clarity to your mind, creates a sense of balance, harmony and peace while also providing positive energy to circulate in your life and this Gemstone can eliminate any energy blockages throughout all your Chakras (energy vibration centers in your body).


Clear Quartz 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote


Maybe you have been feeling run down, tired with lack of energy or lack of interest in things around you, work with and use Clear Quartz every day to help raise your energy for the better.

Think of Clear Quartz like a ray of sunshine or like standing underneath a waterfall, where you are being cleansed, purified and rejuvenated on all levels.

You may be receiving negative emotions from others that are penetrating your own Aura and instead of you feeling positive, happy or balanced in your life their negative energy could be affecting you and causing you to have a lack of concentration, confusion and disharmony around you, if this is your situation, wear Clear Quartz as often as you can and when surrounded by such people to protect your Aura and to prevent negative energy from entering or penetrating your Aura, to retain a peaceful, harmonious and more balanced and centred feeling around you and in your every day life.

If you meditate and wish to receive spiritual guidance or to heighten your psychic abilities work closely with Clear Quartz because it can help you to achieve this whilst also protecting your Aura from psychic attack.

Maybe you have certain aspirations or goals but you just cannot seem to get your mind to concentrate and remain focussed on them, Clear Quartz can purify and rejuvenate your mind enabling you to become even more focussed on achieving your goals.

Do you have any kind of exam, test or interview to attend now or in the future? if you do, keep Clear Quartz close to you while revising and take it with you on the actual day of your exam, test or interview because this Gemstone can be extremely beneficial to you as it can help to un-lock your memory as and when needed, aids concentration, gives you clarity of mind, helps you when searching for an answer to a problem or dilemma and during these kind of situations the energy vibrations from Clear Quartz can feel like a booster to your mind and will also provide you with more confidence and positivity.

Maybe you suffer with frequent headaches, migraines or sinus problems or even with vertigo, work with Clear Quartz regularly to alleviate these symptoms and to help prevent you from suffering further.

If you are wanting to lose weight, Clear Quartz is one of the most potent Gemstones to help you achieve this because of it's extremely high energy vibrations which can increase your actual physical energy levels while keeping you focussed and concentrated on achieving your goal for your ideal weight loss target.

Overview of Benefits from Clear Quartz

  • Extremely high and powerful energy vibrations.
  • Re-energises, re-charges and amplifies the energy vibrations in other Gemstones.
  • Gives you protection from all kinds of negativity.
  • Creates balance, harmony, and peace while allowing positive energy to circulate freely in your life.
  • Expands consciousness, heightens wisdom and is extremely helpful during exams, tests and interviews.

Additional Benefits from Clear Quartz

Spiritual Guidance - It is time for you to clear out any old stagnant energy in your life that is weighing heavily down on you, time to declutter  and re-energise your space, surroundings and soul.

Chakras - As Clear Quartz is the Master Healer you can place these Gemstones on all or any of your Chakras to remove energy blockages that are preventing you from moving forward in your life.

Affirmation - I Am More Than Enough And Perfect As I Am.

Tip(s) - Place Clear Quartz anywhere in your home to amplify, cleanse and to get rid of any stagnant energy and to create a calming and peaceful space for you and your family.

Hold one piece of Clear Quartz in each hand to create harmony and balance on both sides of your body and Aura.

Use Clear Quartz wherever and whenever you would like to generate and receive positive energy vibrations.

Wearing Clear Quartz Gemstones next to other Gemstones will help to amplify, re-energise, cleanse and purify any stagnant energy in or surrounding the other Gemstones.

Clear Quartz Collection

Group of Clear Quartz Tumbled Gemstones


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