Green Agate Meaning and Healing Benefits

Four Green Agate coasters with gold leaf rims on a white table

Main Meaning

Justice ~ Marriage ~ Business Success


Chakra: Heart

Birthstone: May (By Month) - Gemini and Virgo (By Zodiac Signs)

Wedding Anniversary: 12 and 14 years


 Benefits for your Mind 

Emotional flexibility ~ Clearer decision making ~ Brings to your attention any illness or disease that is interfering with your well being ~ Balances your emotions.


Benefits for your Body

Detoxify and purifies body ~ Eye disorders ~ Stomach ~ Uterus ~ Cleanses lymphatic system and pancreas ~ Strengthens blood vessels.


Benefits for your Soul

Balances yin and yang energies ~ Grounding and balancing ~ Compassion ~ Resolves disputes ~ Self confidence ~ Brings you back to nature and calmness ~ Encourages you to grow your skills and talents ~ Brings good-luck your way.



A Little History

Between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago, Egyptian Soldiers would embed Green Agate Gemstones into their armour to give them the energy to win a battle, today people wear these same Gemstones in jewellery to lead them into victory and success in business.

In Ancient times they used to put Green Agate into drinking water as an elixir - (medicinal solution) to cure illness's and they also believed that these Gemstones gave them the life energy force.

In psychology, the colour green is symbolic of renewal and growth, it also helps to re-balance us and takes us back to nature and is the reason why we tend to feel good and re-energised amongst the trees, foliage and plants.


Mohs Scale: 6.5 - 7

(The Scale Number from 1 to 10 given to Gemstones based on their hardness and ability to Scratch another Gemstone)

 Please Note:

*As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.

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