Green Moss Agate Meaning and Healing Benefits

Lots of Green Moss Agate tumbled gemstones in a bowl with sage smudge stick to the left of bowl

Main Meaning

Nature ~ Wealth ~ Courage 

Gardeners ~ Farmers ~ Agriculture

Chakra: Heart

Birthstone: N/A (By Month) - Virgo (By Zodiac Signs)

Wedding Anniversary: 12 years


 Benefits for your Mind 

 Helps to make your mind stronger ~ Mental alertness and function ~  Calming ~ Self-esteem ~ Strength and Courage.


Benefits for your Body

Anti-inflammatory ~ Assists in healing of infections ~ Fungal disease's ~ Reduces fevers ~ Useful for long term sickness ~ Skin irritations.


Benefits for your Soul

Increases physical energy ~ Works slowly but brings you great strength ~ Revitalises your soul ~ Releases old and unhealthy habits ~ Attracts the nature spirits ~ Encourages you to make progress in any life situations ~ Aids wealth and abundance ~ When you feel everything is upside down or a mess at home or work, this Gemstone can help you to resolve any issues and find a way forward.



 A Little History

In Ancient times these Gemstones used to be worn as a talisman (Piece of Jewellery or Gemstone believed to have magic powers and to help bring the wearer good-luck) to help increase the strength of warriors and to gain victory in battles.

Also in the U.K. during the 18th Century, this tradition continued and Green Moss Agate was also widely used to bring good-luck to people.

These Gemstones were originally formed in Wyoming, U.S.A. in the famous Yellowstone National Park due to volcanic activity and this volcano is sometimes referred to as the 'Yellowstone Supervolcano' which is located at the North-West corner of Wyoming.

It is easy to see how these Gemstones aptly got their name due to the insides of them looking very much like Green Moss.

*These Gemstones are also known as the Gemstone of Wealth.


Mohs Scale: 6.5 - 7

(The Scale Number from 1 to 10 given to Gemstones based on their hardness and ability to Scratch another Gemstone)

 Please Note:

*As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.

**All content on Gemstones throughout our website is for informational purposes only, for any health related illness's/conditions, please seek advice from your health care practitioner.