How Do I Take The Intuition Test?

Trust Your Intuition White Neon Sign on a Purple Brick Wall

Intuition Will Always Lead You In The Right Direction


  • Before You Start The Intuition Test – Make sure you have a pen and paper ready, then take a deep breath, relax and just allow your own Intuition and Soul to guide you to the very Gemstones or Crystals that are right for you at this time.


  • Choose Only a Maximum of 3 Per Test – Look at all the different Gemstones or Crystals and make a note of the (3 x numbers) of each one you are most drawn to today.


  • Don’t Try Too Hard or Overthink It – You will Intuitively know which ones you are most drawn to or those that are most drawn to you. Just allow your eyes to wander across all Gemstones or Crystals until you have been guided and drawn to 3 x specific ones.


  • Results and Outcome of Your Intuition Test – Once you have allowed your Intuition and Soul to guide you and you have made a note of the numbers associated with each of the x different Gemstones or Crystals. (Click individually on each of your chosen Gemstones or Crystals) to discover the meaning of why you have been drawn to your specific Gemstones or Crystals today and how they can help change and improve your life for the better.

Please Note: 

You will need to click on each individual Gemstone or Crystal to be taken to its corresponding page.

(Tip: Once you reach the page remember to also write down the name of  your chosen Gemstones or Crystals)

Why only choose a maximum of 3 per test?

Spiritually and Holistically the number 3 represents Wholeness and Completeness, exactly the same as the Mind, Body and Soul.

All 3 parts interlink, overlap and integrate with each other, every single part of our being originates from the root cause and you are unable to benefit 1 without benefiting the other 2 parts of your whole being. 


Choose Any 3 Gemstones That You Are Most Drawn To



 GEM: 1               GEM: 2               GEM: 3 



GEM: 4               GEM: 5               GEM: 6



GEM: 7               GEM: 8               GEM: 9



GEM: 10               GEM: 11              GEM: 12



GEM: 13               GEM: 14              GEM: 15



GEM: 16               GEM: 17              GEM: 18



GEM: 19               GEM: 20              GEM:21



GEM: 22               GEM: 23              GEM: 24



GEM: 25               GEM: 26              GEM: 27



GEM: 28               GEM: 29              GEM: 30