How Does Intuition Work?

How Does Intuition Work Head part of a Person with eyes closed and a background like space

Intuition Is The Whisper From Your Soul

Intuition is a part of your Spiritual Awareness and is a feeling that is strongly felt in your Solar Plexus which contains a complex network of nerves and neurons which vibrate at different frequencies, then the message waves of Intuition travels to the back part of your brain where they are changed into a type of coding that results in images and then these same images travel to the front part of your brain where your Thought, Speech and Actions all happen and take effect to guide you in the right direction and onto the right path for you to continue your own unique journey in life.

Your own feelings of Intuition is located around your Solar Plexus Chakra region (in your abdomen at the bottom of your sternum bone) which is also known as the Seat of Emotions, some people may also refer to this as their Gut Instincts, but which ever you choose to call this, always remember your Intuition and Soul already feels and knows all the answers to any questions that you may ask yourself and instinctively knows every Solution to every Problem that exists throughout your whole lifetime.


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