How old are Gemstones?

Original Mask of King Tutankhamun ladened with Turquoise Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian Gemstones in National Museum

King Tutankhamun's Mask of Gemstones

King Tutankhamun was also known as the 'Boy King' who was an Egyptian Pharaoh and born appropriately 1334 BC.

He ruled Ancient Egypt for 10 years until his death at only 19 years old.

In 1925 his death mask was discovered in his tomb, in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt of which is the ancient burial place for famous Egyptian Pharaoh's.

His death mask is a priceless treasure, made with solid gold and ladened with Turquoise, Amazonite, Carnelian,  Quartz,  Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli Gemstones.

World's Oldest Gemstone 

Most Gemstones date back to around 5,000 BC and the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Romans not only wore Jewellery made of Gemstones but they also used Gemstones for Medicinal and Therapeutic benefits.

The oldest fragment of a Gemstone discovered to date is called a Zircon, which was found on a remote rock outcrop in the Jack Hills, Australia and scientists have confirmed it is around 4.4 Billion years old.

Our planet is 4.5 Billion years old, therefore Gemstones have been in existence almost since the very beginning of time and are as old as Earth itself.


*Microscopic photo of the fragment from the 4.4 Billion year old Gemstone.

Microscopic photo of the fragment from the 4.4 Billion year old Zircon Gemstone.