Well, first and foremost what a crazy year we have all had due to covid with wearing masks and lockdown here and lockdown there and originally back in March with a lockdown everywhere.

Hope you and all your families are all well and have stayed safe through this somewhat stressful and difficult time and please try to remember that ... It might seem stormy now but even rain doesn't last forever.

Take care everybody, stay safe and sending you all lots and lots of healing energy.

Love from Nicky and Team xxx

ps. Please don't forget to read the important message/update below.


(Important Message)

We have changed and increased our website server to enable page loading speed to be quicker and more user friendly for you and also to accommodate a higher number of customers visiting our website.

    What does this mean for you?

    1. You will need to set up a New Account  (as your old account has now been permanently deleted) to enable you to:

    a) Automatically receive your *Free 50 Pts upon joining Treasure Gems Rewards

    b) Access your purchase history and for a more convenient checkout process.


    2. Once you have created your  New Account you will then also be able to access any Loyalty Points/Rewards  that you earn, instantly as they will automatically show up in the Rewards Icon (gift box) at bottom of your screen. (via our website)


    We have also made a few changes during the time our website was offline due to covid.

    What have we changed/updated/added? 


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