Jade Gemstone for Good Luck and Fortune

Meaning for you being drawn to Jade

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

You have been drawn to Jade today because you may be wanting more out of your life, you may have been feeling fed up, jealous or envious that others seem to get all the good-luck and fortune when none of it ever seems to come your way.

If this sounds like you, one of the first steps to resolving this issue is to recognise that the very problem actually exists and starts within your own mind, think about Karma and what ever you may condemn or criticise will always take wings and fly further away from you, in other words, feelings and thoughts are types of energy and your feelings and thoughts are being sent out into the universe every single day, every time you may be feeling jealous or envious of someone else's good-luck or fortunes, the same very things you may crave and want to circulate more of in your life just flies further and further away until your hopes and desires disappear altogether.

By you holding or wearing Jade, it can help you to change the good-luck and fortunes that can enter into your own life but your intentions must also be very specific, relax and focus into your Jade Gemstones, touching and holding them as often as you can and tell yourself every time you focus into them that good-luck and fortune is always circulating throughout your life.


Jade 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote


Remember to wear, touch and hold your Jade Gemstones regularly to enable the energy vibrations from Jade to return the good-luck and fortunes your way and into your life and always wish good-luck and good fortune for others, next time you see or hear of others having success, buying new clothes, going on holidays or anything else you may wish to have more of in your own life, just simply be happy for them and wish them even more success, good-luck and fortune because what you give or send out to others will inevitably return to yourself ten fold, this is the power of the energy vibrations from Jade and how Karma works.

You may however be wishing to receive a new kind of love into your life or you may be experiencing feelings of lack of trust or infidelity within your relationship, Jade can help you to resolve these issues by actually increasing trust and fidelity to create a more harmonious relationship for yourself and your partner.

Perhaps you and your partner have been trying for a baby, maybe the stress of not conceiving is causing arguments or upset between you both or maybe you have had tests done and have discovered that there may be an existing problem for the male of the relationship, with his reproductive system that could be preventing a baby from being conceived, if this is the situation for yourself, work closely with Jade because this Gemstone has been used for centuries to help aid and heal any disorders or problems with the male reproductive system.

Maybe you are already expecting a baby and you may have concerns about the labour pains or you may already have children and for some reason, you may not have been able to bond with them as much as you would have liked to when they were born, Jade can ease the pains of labour and also increase love and nurturing for you as a mum with your baby or with any other children you may have.

Are you thinking about going on holiday but feel concerned or anxious because the last time you went you fell ill, maybe with food poisoning or some other illness, if this is your situation, next time you go on holiday, take Jade with you and keep it close to you while eating food to help prevent any illness during your holiday.

Maybe you are an outdoors kind of person and you enjoy gardening, hiking, camping or simply relaxing in your garden, Jade would be beneficial for you in this case because these Gemstones are used all over the World in peoples gardens because as with all Green Gemstones their energy vibrations are in tune and connected with nature and Jade itself creates the energies of harmony, balance and nurturing of all plants and wildlife.

Have you been having vivid or re-occurring dreams and wish to know the meanings behind your dreams? Jade can provide you with the insight to help you understand the reasons behind your dreams. Maybe your dreams are trying to send you a message to help you during your waking life.

Overview of Benefits from Jade

  • Brings the wearer good-luck and fortune.
  • Protects you from misfortunes.
  • Increases trust and fidelity in relationships.
  • An excellent Gemstone for disorders of the male reproductive system.
  • Calms palpitations and soothes cardiac rhythm.

Additional Benefits from Jade

Spiritual Guidance - The more good you give or send out to others, the more good-luck and fortune you will receive from the universe and into your life.

Chakras - Place Jade on to your Heart Chakra and/or Third Eye Chakra as it will help to clear energy blockages and balance the energies of love and compassion to help you receive more love and compassion into you life (Heart) and to increase insight into any relationship issues you may have so you can be better prepared to deal with them as and when they should arise (Third Eye).

Affirmation - I Attract Good-Luck And Fortune Into My Life Like A Magnet And I Am Always In The Right Place At The Right Time.

Tip - Place Jade anywhere in your home to attract abundance and in the garden to attract peace and tranquility for yourself and family and also for nurturing of all plants and wildlife. 

Jade Collection

Group of Jade Tumbled Gemstones


Keywords for Jade

Good-Luck ~ Fortune ~ Abundance ~ Misfortune ~ Relaxation ~ Trust ~ Fidelity ~ Harmonious Relationships ~ Male Reproductive System ~ Love ~ Nurturing ~ New Mums and Babies ~ Pregnancy ~ Labour Pains ~ Happiness ~ New Ideas ~ Holiday Illness ~ Tranquility ~ Peace ~ Dreams ~ Plants and Wildlife ~ Gardeners ~ Hikers ~ Camping ~ Outdoors ~ Palpitations ~ Bind and Heal Stitches ~ Reconstructive Surgery ~ Kidneys ~ Bones and Joints


Please Note:

*As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.

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