Lapis Lazuli Gemstone for Opportunities and Ambition

Meaning for you being drawn to Lapis Lazuli

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

Lapis Lazuli is the oldest Spiritual Gemstone known to man and during Ancient Times these were treasures worn only by members of royalty.

King Tutankahmuns coffin and head mask was ladened with these same Gemstones.

Some people tend to believe that opportunities only come along to those in positions of power, the hierarchy, like royalty and aristocrats but with the help from Lapis Lazuli energy vibrations your burning ambitions can be brought to the surface and the doors of opportunity can be opened for you.

Have you had several opportunities come your way throughout your life and at the time you may not have recognised them or even knew what to do when they arrived at your door or have you felt really ambitious and determined to achieve something but you didn't do anything about it and just unfortunately allowed another opportunity to pass you by? Lapis Lazuli can not only greatly assist you by creating opportunities for you but can also teach you how to recognise them when they do arrive and to grab them with both hands and not letting them pass you by next time.


Lapis Lazuli 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote


Maybe you have exams coming up or a driving test, you may be hoping for a promotion at work or you may actually be thinking about changing your career, perhaps you are in the legal profession as a solicitor or lawyer or even in the police force and need assistance to resolve a case or some study of work to achieve a successful outcome and conclusion.

You may even be in the music industry where your social skills and interaction with others is required regularly or a singer who needs to take good care of your throat, larynx and vocal chords to ensure you sing in perfect tune.

Do you feel that you need more inspiration, new ideas or even more powers of persuasion to actually promote your new found ideas and inspirations to others and to be able to communicate these effectively and in a positive way?

Have your relationships and friendships been more on the rocky side side recently and you just wish to create a more harmonious and peaceful interaction with everybody concerned?

Perhaps you are someone or you know someone close to you that is going through the menopause with some difficulty or maybe you are suffering with general pains or inflammation within your body?

If any of the these are situations happening in your life, Lapis Lazuli can bring the ambitious side of your nature to the surface and create opportunities to come into your life so you don't miss or lose out next time an opportunity comes knocking on your door.

Overview of Benefits from Lapis Lazuli

  • Brings your burning ambitions to the surface.
  • Opens the door of opportunities for you.
  • Great Gemstone to use for interviews, exams and job promotions.
  • Best Gemstone for solicitors, lawyers and singers to use.
  • Increases your mental powers and your powers of persuasion.

Additional Benefits from Lapis Lazuli

Spiritual Guidance - Opportunities can knock on your door much louder and harder until you open when you have Lapis Lazuli in your life.

Chakras - Place Lapis Lazuli onto your Third Eye and/or Throat Chakras to help clear any energy blockages and to open up your intuition and insight (Third Eye) - To communicate and to get your message across more positively and clearer or for any throat problems (Throat)

Affirmation - I Recognise Opportunities And I Am Ambitious Enough To Pursue Them As And When They Arrive.

Tip(s) - Place Lapis Lazuli onto your throat for 15-20 mins before going into an important meeting or interview as it will help to clear your throat, to find your voice and to communicate more effectively.

Place several pieces of Lapis Lazuli in different areas of your home to greatly increase the flow and movement of positive energy.

Carry or wear Lapis Lazuli to bring you more self confidence in whatever you do.

 Lapis Lazuli Collection

Four Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Gemstones

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