Leopardskin Jasper Gemstone for Health and Vitality

Meaning for you being drawn to Leopardskin Jasper

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

When you think of a Leopard, what thoughts come into your mind first? maybe a super fast and ferocious animal with lots of strength, stamina and vitality,  or even a big cuddly pussy cat? Leopardskin Jasper is called by it's name not only because these Gemstones have similar markings that a Leopard has but because the energy vibrations that Leopardskin Jasper provides to you are also very much like a Leopards characteristics.

Leopardskin Jasper can provide you with more strength, stability, stamina and vitality because this Gemstones energy connects with the animal instinct inside you.

Do you feel that people around you are changing or that you need to make changes in your daily, social or work life?

Are you experiencing any disharmony or conflicts with the person or people you love the most?

Have you or people around you become lazy or have feelings of lack of energy where there is a sensation of no get up and go, no stamina, strength or vitality or do you feel you need some help to stay stronger and more self confident during emotional upheavals or turmoils?


Leopardskin Jasper 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with Quote


Maybe you are trying your utmost to quit a bad habit and need a helping hand or you may be trying to achieve some financial gain or goal but feel you lose that desire too quickly.

Do you often criticise yourself, put yourself down and not give yourself a pat on the back for doing any job well done or maybe you are suffering with some kind of fear, guilt or experience insecurities in any area of your life?

Perhaps you or someone close to you has a chronic health condition and feel the vitality levels and strength is really low, that you or they just need a pick me up or a vital boost of strength and stamina.

Are you wanting to conceive for a baby but having difficulties caused by a low sperm count?

Maybe you just simply wish to become more like a leopard and gain higher levels of vitality, strength, stamina and stability and also to be able to reach and catch your prey - (reach and achieve your goals in life) by being positioned in the right place at the right time.

You may have heard of the well known phrase that a Leopard never changes it's spots, but if you want to make the necessary changes in your life with regards to any of the above situations then Leopardskin Jasper is the Gemstone to help you achieve these changes and to help bring back your vitality and zest for life again.

Although Leopardskin Jasper Gemstones are a favourite with men, they are also worn by both sexes for their appearance and unique patterns but also because of their health and vitality benefits that these Gemstones can provide to you.

Leopardskin Jasper is a very powerful stimulant and re-generator of sperm count and is therefore a great Gemstone for increasing fertility in men.

These Gemstones can help to bring luck and prosperity your way, they can also create stability, balance and grounding for you if you have a chaotic type of lifestyle.

Leopardskin Jasper can help with digestive problems, stop a nose bleed, improve loss of smell and can also help to alleviate and lessen the effects of epilepsy.

Overview of Benefits from Leopardskin Jasper

  • Provides you with more strength, stamina, stability and vitality.
  • Connects with the animal instinct inside you.
  • Intensifies your desires to achieve financial goals.
  • Great Gemstone for increasing fertility in men.
  • Creates stability and balance even if you have a chaotic type of lifestyle.

Additional Benefits from Leopardskin Jasper

Psychic Advice - Don't fear change, by making the necessary changes in your life now will help you to progress further in your your life and future.

Chakras - Place Leopardskin Jasper onto your Crown and/or Root Chakras to help clear energy blockages and to encourage positive thinking and inspiration (Crown) - To keep your energy and vitality levels balanced (Root)

Affirmation - I Am Willing To Change And Grow, I Now Create A Safe New Future For Myself And My Family.

Tip - If you feel like your thoughts are spinning around in your mind or are all over the place, hold Leopardskin Jasper and try meditating with it to achieve more balance and focus.

 Leopardskin Jasper Collection

Group of Leopardskin Tumbled Gemstones

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 Keywords for Leopardskin Jasper

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 Please Note:

*As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.

**All content on Gemstones throughout our website is for informational purposes only, for any health related illness's/conditions, please seek advice from your health care practitioner.