Meanings and Healing Benefits for each Gemstone: 10

Strength and Power Healing Gemstone Bracelet with Male or Female Charm

Tigers Eye

  • Provides you with more Strength on both mental and physical levels.
  • Changes negative energy into positive energy.
  • Great Gemstone for your mind and mental health.
  • Protects you from anxiety, fears, phobias and from being bullied.
  • Increases your self esteem, confidence and overall happiness in your life.


  • Think of the phrase ‘as Hard as Iron’ this Gemstone is the primary ore of the metal iron which is solid and the Strongest Substance known to man.
  • Provides you with extra mental and physical Strength.
  • Highly protective Gemstone for your Aura.
  • Draws heat away from your body and helps to cool down a temperature.
  • Great Gemstone to have if you also suffer with anxiety and stress


  • Provides you with more Power, stamina and Vitality
  • Teaches you to be the Master of your own Destiny.
  • Encourages you to stop doubting yourself.
  • Stops mental stress caused by confusion in your mind.
  • Calms tempers associated with anxiety and phobia’s.