Meanings and Healing Benefits for each Gemstone: 6

Jealousy and Insecurity Healing Gemstone Bracelet with Male or Female Charm


  • Peridot Gemstone contains one of the most potent and beneficial energy vibrations to help you deal with any feelings of Jealousy and Insecurity even to the extent of extreme Jealousy and Insecurity.
  • Provides a powerful energy for deep Love and devotion in your relationships preventing any feelings of Jealousy and Insecurity from arising in the first place.
  • Supports you to have complete self confidence.
  • Alleviates any negative feelings of guilt, fear, resentment, impatience and anxiety.
  • Attracts wealth, prosperity, success and love into your life


  • Increases trust and fidelity in relationship
  • Prevents you from feeling Jealous or envious of someone else’s good-luck or fortunes while bringing good-luck or fortunes into your life.
  • Protects you from misfortunes.
  • Helps to resolve any relationship issues and creates a more harmonious relationship for yourself and your partner preventing you from feeling Jealous or Insecure.
  • Calms feelings of anxiety and palpitations by soothing and calming cardiac rhythm.

Green Agate

  • Solidifies harmony and fidelity in any marriage allowing you to feel more Secure and rid any feelings of Jealousy.
  • Improves your decision-making skills and creates resolutions for any disputes.
  • Creates compassion and kindness in all types of relationships preventing any emotions of Jealousy and Insecurity.
  • Contains the energy vibrations of both Yin (female) and Yang (male) which is required when seeking a resolution to a problem or issue which enables you to see both sides of a situation.
  • Prevents any negative situations from interfering with your overall well-being and happiness.