Meanings and Healing Benefits from Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Gemstones

Snowflake Obsidian Main Meaning and Healing Benefits
  • Teaches you how to accept situations in the here and now (Moment in time).
  • Encourages you to accept that not everything in life is as black or white (not just one way or the other)
  • Allows you to accept help and advice to enable more peace and harmony to circulate in your life.
  • Teaches you how to turn negative emotions into positive emotions.
  • Protects your Aura during psychic or spiritual techniques.

Benefits for your Mind 

  • Anxiety and Depression.
  • Fears and Phobia's.
  • Acceptance
  • Confidence.
  • Courage.
  • Harmony.
  • Empowerment.
  • Encourages Truth and Honesty.
  • Releases stressful mental patterns and wrong thinking.
  • Compassion.
  • Strength.

Benefits for your Body 

  • Arthritis.
  • Joint pains.
  • Hardened arteries (Atherosclerosis).
  • High blood pressure (Hypertension).
  • Bacterial and Viral infections.
  • Excellent for improving your circulation and warming the extremities..
  • Cramp.
  • Gallbladder.
  • Aids digestion.

Benefits for your Soul

  • Balances the Mind, Body and Soul to work in unison.
  • Strong psychic protection.
  • Grounding.
  • Powerful cleanser of psychic smog built up within your Aura.
  • Identifies blockages.
  • Teaches you how to relax let go whilst doing meditation.
  • Encourages you to value and appreciate your mistakes as well as your successes.
  • Changes bad-luck to good-luck.