Meanings and Healing Benefits from Sodalite Tumbled Gemstones

Sodalite Main Meaning and Healing Benefits

  • Great Gemstone to use if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, anger, fears and phobias, especially for fear of flying (Aerophobia).
  • Eliminates mental blockages and confusion.
  • Boosts inspiration and allows you to put new ideas into practise.
  • Enhances and connects you to your intuition on a deeper level.
  • Encourages you to grow in your self expression and creativeness. 

Benefits for your Mind

  • Great Gemstone to use if you have a Fear of Flying.
  • Phobias, Fears and Panic Attacks.
  • Removes Guilt and Fears better than any other Gemstone.
  • Anger and Resentments.
  • Restores trust in others.
  • Independence.
  • Self esteem and self trust.
  • Mental confusion.
  • Allows Inspiration to flow.

Benefits for your Body 

  • Jet lag.
  • Protects you from Electromagnetic Smog from Computers, Mobile Phones, televisions and Microwaves.
  • Sinus infections.
  • Menopause.
  • PMS.
  • Haemorrhoids.
  • Regulation of blood pressure.
  • Lymphatic system.
  • Vocal cords, Laryngytis and Hoarseness.
  • Palpitations.
  • Insomnia.
  • Fever.
  • Headaches.
  • Digestive disorders.

Benefits for your Soul

  • Promotes inner peace
  • Encourages you to come to terms with the ageing process and loss of fertility.
  • Welcomes a new phase of life for you.
  • Great Gemstone for getting your creative juices flowing especially with poetry.
  • Deepens Meditation.
  • Provides a protective Psychic shield around your Aura.