Paying with Paypal

Paying Securely with PayPal

PayPal is the World's leading payment gateway service, with millions of transactions being processed every single day. As you would expect, PayPal provides World leading security, working 24/7 to ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected during each and every transaction.

You don't need a PayPal Account: 

Many people think that you need a PayPal Account in order to pay with PayPal. Whilst having a PayPal Account will provide additional benefits, such as; added Buyer Protection and a quicker checkout process, it is not essential. When you go to purchase an item on this website, you select 'Process to PayPal', where you can then 'Pay as a Guest'.

Your Protection

We want to ensure our customers that your details are kept protected at all times.  This is why we ©Bellensia have opted to integrate the PayPal platform across this website.  Below are a list of ways PayPal protects your details:

  •  Peace of Mind: We do our best to ensure that each and every product you order, matches that of the website's description. PayPal provide something called Buyer's Protection. In essence, PayPal will ensure that you will get a full refund on all eligible items, should you not receive the item or if the item is faulty or does not match that of the description.
  • Details are Protected: If you have a PayPal account, you will know that you will never have to enter your bank details on a website. You simply enter your email address and password to place your order. For those who do not have an account, not to worry. You can checkout as a Guest.  When you are ready to place your order, you will be redirected to the PayPal website, where you then enter your payment details.  In simple terms, the seller (being ©Bellensia) will never see any of your bank details.
  • Added Bonus: As a buyer, it is natural to be weary of websites. Many worry that they may make a payment and then the website disappears.  Not to worry. By paying through PayPal, PayPal will provide a refund, and deal with any disputes, should they occur.

Our Protection

As a business, it is important that we ©Bellensia protect our own interests. By using the PayPal platform, we ©Bellensia are protected in the following ways ...

  •  Unauthorised Payment: Many people are victims of fraud, where unauthorised payments are made from their PayPal account.  Consequently, this could leave us issuing refunds at our own cost.  Through the use of PayPal, all refunds are covered by their Seller Policy.
  • Time Management: When collecting sensitive information, a business is required to comply with many Data Protection Laws as well as continually manage additional security features. This all takes up time and money. By using PayPal, all of the headache of additional security is taken care of.
  • Fraudulent Claims: It has been known for people to make purchases on a website and then claim they never received their purchase, in order to receive a refund (and the product).This is a costly issue, resulting in increased overheads and one of the reasons why we send ALL our Products by *Signed for/Tracked Delivery* as Proof of Receiving all Products Ordered through ©Bellensia.