Rose Quartz Gemstone for Unconditional Love and Compassion

Meaning for you being drawn to Rose Quartz

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

Just like the high energy vibrations from Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz is also a Gemstone that carries high energy vibrations but transfers this energy in a more gentle and loving way.

Rose Quartz is world renowned for being the Gemstone of the Heart and this is because it carries and transfers the high energy vibrations of unconditional love towards yourself, family, partners and friends and can also teach you to have more compassion and to connect more easily towards others without the need for you to try too hard, Rose Quartz just simply allows a kind of openness that creates a natural flow of understanding towards others in your life.

The loving flow of energy in Rose Quartz allows you to feel safe, secure and comforted while at the same time can also connect you deeply to your inner child, with feelings of love, compassion and a deep sense of nurturing because from childhood through to adulthood, sometimes even without you realising it, you may still be carrying emotional pains that you may have suffered or experienced during your childhood and Rose Quartz can help to bring these emotional pains to the surface to be dealt with for you to receive deep emotional healing that is needed to enable you to move forward in your life.

Just like with Moonstones, Rose Quartz also carries a feminine energy and is considered a Gemstone for mothers, children, healers and also for lovers to re-connect with each other even on a deeper level with more love and romance.

You have been drawn to Rose Quartz today as a message and to awaken you to connect to your inner child because there are feelings deep within you which have been ignored by yourself for far too long, due to the stresses and commitment of every day life itself.

You are being encouraged to take some time to listen to the inner message and cries for help which you may have been trying to hide away from, maybe to protect yourself from getting hurt or upset, use Rose Quartz every day to help heal, nurture and repair any old emotional pains or wounds that you have kept deeply hidden within you.


Rose Quartz 6mm Round Gemstones wrapped around wrist with a quote to the right of image


If you think of emotional or psychological issues like peeling through the layers of an onion until you get to the core or centre part, the more emotional pain or psychological issues you have endured over your life time, the more layers of the onion you will need to peel back to get through each layer, every time you have ignored any emotional pain, blocked it out or received more emotional pain, the larger the onion (emotional and psychological issues) become and the more layers (protection) are being added on, therefore any emotional and/or psychological issues that you may not have dealt with previously are now lying dormant and deeper within you and until you have resolved these issues, they will at some point rise to the surface again and affect you in some other way, overtime by wearing, holding or working with Rose Quartz, you can eventually peel back all these layers, one by one and reach through to the core and root cause of your pain, hurts and suffering to finally resolve any issues and move forward into a more peaceful, loving and calming way of life.

If you have been lucky enough and you have never experienced any kind of emotional or psychological pain, being drawn to Rose Quartz today is also sending you a message for you to listen to your inner child because your inner child is trying to reach out and connect with you to come out and play, just like when you were a child yourself, having fun, going to the park, riding a bike, being on the beach building sandcastles, rolling around in long grass, not feeling fearful and not even having a care in the world, just basically being a child and running around having fun, just spend a moment thinking and ask yourself, when was the last time you actually had any real fun, child-like fun?

Rose Quartz is reminding you that it is time to either deal with any emotions or psychological issues you may have or for you to do something fun, something that you really enjoyed doing as a child and for you to temporarily see your life through the eyes of your inner child and to go out and play every now and again.

Maybe you have been wanting to have a baby for quite some time, Rose Quartz, Moonstones and Blue Lace Agate have been very effective for couples where there are infertility problems, if you already have a baby, perhaps you are suffering with post natal depression or you may be finding it difficult to establish a bond between yourself and your baby, Rose Quartz can help you through post natal depression by helping you to become stronger emotionally and mentally and can also help to create a more loving and nurturing bond between yourself and your baby.

Are you currently in a relationship where your partner has been unfaithful to you and you feel deeply hurt that the trust has now disappeared? if this is your current situation, keep Rose Quartz close to you at all times to help heal the pain you feel, to encourage you to forgive (if this is what you would really like to do) and to create feelings of warmth, compassion and to help restore the trust again, remember that the vibrations from Rose Quartz are full of feminine energy and this is strong enough to help get you through any emotional pain and hurt that you may be experiencing right now.

If you are secretly wishing or hoping for a new romantic kind of love to enter your life or for an existing relationship to become more romantic, wear, carry or keep Rose Quartz next to your bed on a bedside table every single day until romance has entered your life because this Gemstone can attract more romance, support, love, trust and harmony into your life or into your existing relationship.

Overview of Benefits from Rose Quartz

  • World renowned for transferring energy vibrations of unconditional love.
  • Encourages you to feel safe, secure and comforted.
  • Connects you deeply to your inner child with love, compassion and a deep sense of nurturing.
  • Provides a deep emotional healing.
  • Used for premature babies and for mum's suffering with post natal depression.

Additional Benefits from Rose Quartz

Spiritual Guidance - It is time to love, nurture, support and show compassion towards your inner child because this is what is needed for a deep emotional healing to take place for yourself.

Chakras - Place Rose Quartz onto your Heart Chakra to help clear energy blockages that are preventing unconditional love from entering your life or you can place Rose Quartz anywhere onto your body where you feel the energy of love and comfort is most needed.

Affirmation - Every Time I Breathe Deeply I Am Surrounded And Comforted By Feelings Of Unconditional Love And This Makes Me Stronger Day By Day

Tip(s) - Place Rose Quartz right next to you bed to allow more love and romance into your relationship.

Place Rose Quartz under your pillow to sleep more calmly and peacefully.

Place Rose Quartz anywhere in your home to create peace and harmony for you and your family.

If there has been any arguments or upsets in any room of your home, place Rose Quartz in that same room to dissolve any negative energy and to allow the energy vibrations of love, peace and harmony to flow freely and to be restored. 

Rose Quartz Collection

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