Rose Quartz Meaning and Healing Benefits

Large raw Rose Quartz pieces in a bowl on a table with Selenite wand to the right of them

Main Meaning

Unconditional Love ~ Depression ~ Optimism


Chakra: Heart

Birthstone: January (By Month) - Taurus and Libra (By Zodiac Sign)

Wedding Anniversary: 2 Years and 5 Years


Benefits for your Mind 

Postnatal Depression ~ Dissolves resentments ~ Fears ~ Creates more optimism in your life ~ Joy  ~ Helps you to deal more rationally with feelings of anger ~Suspicion ~ Nightmares and sleep problems ~ Reduces tension ~ Addictions ~ Contentment ~ Helps you to cope with grief and bereavement.


Benefits for your Body

Helps to protect mother and baby during pregnancy ~ Helps premature babies and young children with weak hearts ~ Heart and Circulatory System ~ Palpitations ~ Chest infections ~ Relieves symptoms of cold and flu ~ Bronchitis ~ Vertigo ~ Adrenal glands ~ Alzheimer's ~ Parkinsons.


Benefits for your Soul

Promotes feelings of self love and love towards others ~ Gives a feeling of rebirth for hope and faith ~ To help overcome and deal with the after effects of being raped ~ Personal fulfillment ~ Excellent for traumas or crisis ~ Helps to relax children who may be afraid of the dark ~ Nurtures your inner child ~ Meditation ~ Increases the emotional, loving and sexual parts of relationships.

 *Rose Quartz is known as the Gemstone of Love and for the Heart.



A Little History

Rose Quartz dates back to around 7,000 BC.

During Ancient Times the Egyptians would crush Rose Quartz down into a fine powder and then use this for facial masks to help prevent wrinkles and to make their complexions more clearer.

Rose Quartz has also been discovered in Egyptian tombs.

The Ancient Romans would melt down Rose Quartz to use as a seal to prove ownership of something.

For many centuries Rose Quartz has always been known as the Gemstone for unconditional love, infinite peace, attracting new and true love, Romance, Intimacy and for healthy Sexual relationships.


Mohs Scale: 7

(The Scale Number from 1 to 10 given to Gemstones based on their hardness and ability to Scratch another Gemstone)


Please Note:

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