Sodalite Meaning and Healing Benefits

Close up of two Sodalite tumbled gemstones on a round piece of wood in the sun

Main Meaning

Creativity ~ Phobias and Panic Attacks ~ Anger 

Sinus Infections

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Birthstone: N/A (By Month) - Pisces and Sagittarius (By Zodiac Sign)

Wedding Anniversary: N/A


Benefits for your Mind 

Fear of Flying ~ Restores trust in others ~ Independence ~ Self esteem and self trust ~ Anger and Resentments ~ Phobias, Fears and Panic Attacks ~ Mental confusion.


Benefits for your Body

Jet lag ~ Protects you from Electromagnetic Smog from Computers, Mobile Phones, televisions and Microwaves ~  Sinus infections ~ Menopause ~ PMS ~ Haemorrhoids ~ Regulation of blood pressure ~ Lymphatic system ~ Vocal cords, Laryngytis and Hoarseness ~ Palpitations ~ Insomnia ~ Fever ~ Headaches ~ Digestive disorders.


Benefits for your Soul

Encourages you to come to terms with the ageing process and loss of fertility ~ Welcomes a new phase of life for you ~ Promotes inner peace ~ Great Gemstone for getting your creative juices flowing especially with poetry ~ Deepens Meditation ~ Inspiration ~ Removes Guilt and Fears better than any other Gemstone ~ Provides a protective Psychic shield around your Aura.

 *Sodalite is also known as the Gemstone of Logic and Creativeness.



A Little History

In 1811 Sodalite was first discovered in Greenland and it was not until 1891 that this Gemstone became popular and gained importance in ornamental structures.

The greatest and most celebrated source of Sodalite was found in a mine in Ontario, Canada and it is said that in 1901 it was re-named to the Princess Sodalite Mine for the Princess of Wales at the time who later became Queen Alexandra of Great Britain.

She was originally Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who then married Albert Edward Prince of Wales who was Queen Victoria's son and she then became Princess of Wales.

When Queen Victoria died in 1901, Prince Albert Edward then became King of Great Britain and Princess Alexandra then became Queen of Great Britain.

When Princess Alexandra of Wales visited the worlds fair in Buffalo, New York she was presented with a beautiful gift of Sodalite and she was said to be so mesmerised and captivated by this gift that in 1906 she had arranged for 130 tons of Sodalite to be shipped to her London residence, known as Marlborough House in the U.K. to be used to decorate throughout her home.


Mohs Scale: 5.5 - 6

(The Scale Number from 1 to 10 given to Gemstones based on their hardness and ability to Scratch another Gemstone)


Please Note:

*As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.

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