The Chakras in Your Body and How They Effect Your Emotions


You have just taken the first step on your journey to a more healthier, happier and balanced life.


How to Use Your Chakra Chart

  • You can learn how to easily recognise which of your chakra(s) are Blocked, Balanced or Overactive.
  • Check through the chart which emotions you are feeling or experiencing (Blocked and/or Overactive) and start to work on these chakras until they have become more balanced.
  • Using the corresponding tumbled gemstone(s), place them onto your chakra(s) that need to be Balanced.
  • Leave them there for approximately 1 hour or until you can feel a shift of energy or sense those particular Chakras have become more Balanced.  

Tip: Go into a room where you know you won't be disturbed, lie down comfortably and if you prefer, play some relaxing and calming music. (You deserve some quality time for yourself)


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Healing Gemstones and Chakras

When you wear chakra jewellery made with natural gemstones or place a healing tumbled and polished gemstone onto the corresponding chakra(s), you  are creating a connection between your own energy field and the energy vibrations of those gemstones.

This is when they work simultaneously to help heal deep rooted or long standing issues that may be preventing you from achieving what you most desire and from moving forwards in your life.


Amethyst (Crown)

Sodalite (Third Eye)

Blue Lace Agate (Throat)

Amazonite (Heart)

Lemon Jasper (Solar Plexus)

Carnelian (Sacral)

Garnet (Root)


What Does it Feel Like When Your Chakras Become Balanced?

As a Holistic Therapist for over sixteen years, giving many of my clients crystal healing therapy and through personal experience, one of the main way's of describing this feeling is like a huge weight being taken off your shoulders, like each and every part of your body becoming lighter and not weighed down with burdens and worries, all tensions leaving your body and a heightened sense of just feeling free and completely relaxed like you have never felt before. 

Please remember that you are a unique human being and what may take somebody else several sessions, may only take you two or three sessions. (This truly depends on the emotions, background, relationships and health of each individual person).


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