Tigers Eye Gemstone for Mental Health

Meaning for you being drawn to Tigers Eye

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

Throughout history the energy vibrations that comes from Tigers Eye has always been one of the most powerful and courageous forms of energy provided from a Gemstone and helps to change any negative energy into positive energy while also helping you to channel your own energy into more beneficial and productive activities without depleting your own energy levels in the process.

Whilst Tigers Eye is an extremely beneficial Gemstone for your mind or if you suffer with a Mental Health Illness, it can also help to protect you from any form of negativity, anxiety, fears and phobias and can also help protect you from being bullied in any way.

The reason why you have been drawn to Tigers Eye today is because you are being encouraged to take a look at any internal or external conflicts or any disharmony that may be around you and in your life during this time because Tigers Eye can help to resolve any disharmony and conflicts including mental conflicts by introducing and encouraging the positive energy vibrations from this Gemstone to enter into your mind and to help you feel and think more clearly.


Tigers Eye 6mm round gemstones wrapped around wrist with a quote to right of image


The powerful energy that comes from Tigers Eye can help you to cope and deal more easily and help you to be more prepared with any conflicts that may arise by providing you with additional strength, courage and a much clearer focus for you to face any stressful situation(s) head on, just like a tiger would when seeing its prey for the first time.

Maybe you are suffering from depression, bi-polar or a similar type of Mental Illness and find this period of time extremely challenging and draining on your energy levels, if this is your situation, keep Tigers Eye on you at all times because it can help to protect and cleanse your Aura from any kind of negativity, can dissolve any fears and feelings of anxiety you may have while also providing you with a soothing calmness, happiness and increased physical energy to help rejuvenate and restore your Mind, Body and Soul.

If you are being bullied in any way, work closely with Tigers Eye because it can provide you with a protective energy shield around your Aura, giving you more courage, power and strength and also the freedom to take action against the person or people who you may be bullied by.

Perhaps you find yourself being drawn and addicted to the wrong type of people, if this is the case for you, use Tigers Eye to remove any mental blocks, self doubt and self criticism that you may have and to increase your self esteem, confidence and overall happiness in your life to help you make better choices in the future.

If you have had a previous car accident that has left you feeling anxious or fearful every time you drive or if you have to drive to unfamiliar areas that also make you feel anxious and fearful, wear, touch or keep Tigers Eye very close to you while you are driving because the powerful energy vibrations from this Gemstone can help keep you protected because it will help to clear any tensions or mental blocks, dissolve feelings of anxiety and because of how Tigers Eye can encourage and assist in allowing your mental focus to become more clearer and alert, this Gemstone will help to keep you more aware of any potential dangers or hazards that could be around you during your journey.

Overview of Benefits from Tigers Eye

  • Changes negative energy into positive energy.
  • Great Gemstone for your mind and Mental Health Illness.
  • Protects you from anxiety, fears, phobias and from being bullied.
  • Increases your self esteem, confidence and overall happiness in your life.
  • Provides you with more passion, strength and power.

Additional Benefits from Tigers Eye

Spiritual Guidance - When you feel insecure, fearful or you have self doubts, mental blocks or anxiety it is inevitable that you will become and feel more negative because unfortunately - Misery Loves Company, but when you start to use Tigers Eye every day, this Gemstone can help to build your courage, strength, focus, can also help to remove all the mental clutter, provide you with more positive feelings and a deeper kind of emotional and mental healing for you.

*Remember that if negativity attracts negative things to happen in your life then feelings of Positivity can attract positive things to happen in your life.

Chakras - Place Tigers Eye onto your Third Eye, Solar Plexus and/or Sacral Chakras to clear energy blockages and to heighten your concentration level while also gaining a deeper insight into any potential dangers or conflicts that may arise so you can deal with them head on (Third Eye) - To provide a warmth and a soothing calm sensation while at the same time restoring and repairing your body and mind (Solar Plexus) - To enhance your passion and willpower to help enable you to succeed at what you choose to do (Sacral).

Affirmation - Every Single Day I Gain More Courage And Strength To Conquer Any Fears Or Limitations That May Be In My Life.

Tip(s) - Place Tigers Eye into any room of your home where you feel more positive energy is needed.

Place Tigers Eye under your pillow while you sleep to gain a deeper self knowledge and understanding of your dreams.

Place a Tigers Eye Gemstone in each hand while focussing on the golden rays within each Gemstone as this will help you to feel very calm and peaceful while meditating.

 Tigers Eye Collection

Group of Tigers Eye Tumbled Gemstones

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 Please Note:

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