Turquoise Gemstone for Protection and Loyalty

Meaning for you being drawn to Turquoise

Your own Intuition has lead you to this Gemstone today, not just because you may like the look or appearance of this particular Gemstone but because your Soul already knows the answer to what you need to help heal yourself either on a Physical, Emotional or Spiritual level during this time.

For over 7,000 years the Native American Indians and Tribes have highly valued and cherished Turquoise for its beauty, sophistication, spirituality, and its life giving healing benefits and properties, they also refer to Turquoise as the - Fallen Sky Stone and this Gemstone is considered to be one of their most sacred Gemstones to provide them with protection, blessings, good health and a long life span.

Turquoise is also known as the 'Gemstone for Purification' because its energies can help to clear electromagnetic radiation that is well documented to be transmitted into the atmosphere from computers, mobile phones, microwaves and even from televisions and to cause ill health, like depression, insomnia, dizziness, headaches and fatigue.

The reason you have been drawn to Turquoise today is because in some area of your life there is a sense and feeling of staleness and stagnation where you do not feel as if you are moving in any direction and this has quite possibly left you feeling open, more vulnerable and susceptible to periods of disharmony and imbalance in your life, use Turquoise to help protect you from any form of negativity, to balance any mood swings you may be experiencing and to create feelings of serenity and peace all around you.

If you are being bullied or suffering from any form of prejudice, wear or hold Turquoise as often as you can or during these situations because the energy vibrations from these Gemstones will help to make you feel more empowered with feelings of a personal protection surrounding you and your Aura.


Turquoise 6mm round gemstones wrapped around wrist with a quote to right of image


If you experience any self sabotaging or self hatred and you feel you need some help to protect yourself from yourself, you could wear and work closely with Turquoise everyday to help these feelings to disappear, Turquoise is particularly beneficial if you suffer with any of the eating conditions known as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia or any other digestive imbalances or disturbances because this Gemstone can help to ensure your body properly absorbs the nutrients from your food and can encourage you to eat properly and more sensibly which will also help to prevent you from feeling exhausted.

Turquoise can also help to reduce the acidity levels in the body by removing toxins.

Turquoise is a very popular Gemstone and is worn by both Men and Women, it encourages the person wearing it to become more loyal to their loved ones and is also known as the best Gemstone to give to a close friend because it can not only help to increase the loyalty between you both but can also bring your friend good-luck.

Maybe you tend to experience mood swings, panic attacks and anxiety, suffer with depression or maybe you have friends that you feel are dishonest or not loyal to you, perhaps you feel that your relationship with your partner has become stale and you wish that there was more excitement and spontaneity within your relationship, if you experience any of these situations in your life, wear, carry and focus your intentions with Turquoise to balance your mood swings, to help heal your mind and emotions and to get you through the dark clouds that comes with depression and to encourage more loyal and trustworthy friends to enter and circulate throughout your life, for your relationships, Turquoise can encourage, enhance and stimulate more love, romance and spontaneity for yourself and your partner.

Turquoise is a very effective Gemstone to help protect you from having a fear of flying and is also used by people who suffer with jet-lag.

Turquoise is also a great Gemstone to use if you have to speak in public because it will help to calm your nerves, feelings of anxiety while its energy vibrations allows you to stay alert, enhances your creativeness, self expression through communication and can also assist you with any creative problem solving.

Protection, loyalty, wisdom, balance, strength, purification, love, peace and calmness are all qualities and benefits that Turquoise carries within its energy vibrations and Turquoise can also show you how your fate or destiny can depend on what you do at each and every moment in time.

Overview of Benefits from Turquoise

  • Provides you with protection from electromagnetic radiation transmitted from computers, mobile devices, microwaves and even televisions.
  • Known as the best Gemstone to use for eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.
  • Extremely beneficial for depression, anxiety, mood swings and panic attacks.
  • Fear of Flying.
  • Provides a very soothing and calming energy around you.

Additional Benefits from Turquoise

Spiritual Guidance - When you and others around you remain loyal and true to each other, feelings of love and support can grow which can help you to feel more protected and less fearful in your life.

Chakras - Place Turquoise onto your Third Eye and/or Throat Chakras to clear any energy blockages and to prevent you from feeling fearful of the unknown, to boost your concentration levels and to help you make positive decisions (Third Eye) -  To help you with panic attacks, rapid breathing and to allow the natural flow of self expression during any communications or public speaking (Throat).

Affirmation - I Live In A Protected And Safe Environment With Loyal And Trustworthy People Around Me.


  1. Wear or carry both Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli to enhance a better flow of healing energy into your body, to boost your Immune System and for your overall well-being.
  2. Pair Turquoise and Fluorite together to ensure you have stress-free days and calming nights.
  3. Use Turquoise during meditation to induce feelings of serenity while also helping to keep your Aura protected.
  4. Keep Turquoise very close to you on a daily basis and create your appropriate intention(s) to help you to attract love, money and good-luck into your life. 

Turquoise Collection

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