Birthstone Bracelet Custom Made with Choice of Birthstones Design B
Birthstone Bracelet Custom Made with Choice of Birthstones Design B
Birthstone Bracelet Custom Made with Choice of Birthstones Design B
Birthstone Bracelet Custom Made with Choice of Birthstones Design B

Birthstone Bracelet Custom Made with Choice of Birthstones Design B

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"Wearing the right jewellery is the way to express the woman you truly are without saying a word"

How to Order Birthstone Bracelets

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This birthstone bracelet is exclusive to ©Bellensia and was specifically designed for all women who prefer to feel more feminine with a touch of class and on occasions may be indecisive with their choice of jewellery, with fewer birthstones and more sterling silver so they can have the best of both worlds.

This particular design has a delicate engraved cut added into the oval shaped trace chain which is eye-catching and gives a shimmering effect when light hits it and also includes sterling silver diamond cut 3mm beads either side of your own choice of birthstone for extra sparkle with a trigger/lobster style clasp.

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Price starts from £55 (depending on birthstone choice)

All Jewellery purchased from ©Bellensia come with our signature gift packaging. (Please see image)

    Gemstone size: 6mm

    Please Note

    As Genuine Gemstones are naturally formed, please be aware that any markings and colours/shades may vary slightly from one Gemstone to another.



    Choose preferred Bracelet Design.

    Choose Size and Birthstone Month.

    Add to Cart.


    Please Note: Bracelet Design images are for illustration purposes only as the image may contain different Birthstones from the Month you choose.


    For Example:

    We would just simply replace the Birthstones on your Bracelet Design Chosen example (Birthstone Bracelet Design A) which shows September - (Lapis Lazuli) Birthstones *Main Bracelet Image for your chosen Birthstone Month example of January - (Garnets)

    Garnets (January Birthstone)

    • Provides a powerful energy for deep love, devotion and passion in your relationships.
    • Supports you to have complete self confidence.
    • Heightens sexual pleasure and desires.
    • Increases your energy levels and used in tantric sex rituals.
    • Attracts wealth, prosperity, success and love into your life.

    Amethyst (February Birthstone)

    • Helps you to connect more to your intuition and to become more spiritually aware.
    • Calms your mind and provides a clearer mental focus.
    • Protects your Aura from negative people.
    • Eases any feelings of Anxiety, Fear and Grief.
    • Provides a tranquil feeling of energy around your home while enhancing a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

    Jade (March Birthstone)

    • Brings the wearer good-luck and fortune.
    • Protects you from misfortunes.
    • Increases trust and fidelity in relationships.
    • An excellent Gemstone for disorders of the male reproductive system.
    • Calms palpitations and soothes cardiac rhythm.

    Clear Quartz (April Birthstone)

    • Extremely high and powerful energy vibrations.
    • Re-energises, re-charges and amplifies the energy vibrations in other Gemstones.
    • Gives you protection from all kinds of negativity.
    • Creates balance, harmony, and peace while allowing positive energy to circulate freely in your life.
    • Expands consciousness, heightens wisdom and is extremely helpful during exams, tests and interviews.

    Green Agate (May Birthstone)

    • Improves your decision-making skills and creates resolutions for disputes.
    • Assists in helping you to grow your talents and skills.
    • Great gemstone to use when dealing with any legal issues or business matters.
    • Solidifies harmony and fidelity into any marriage.
    • Brings your attention back to your health or any illness you may be ignoring.

    Moonstones (June Birthstone)

    • Beaming full of feminine energy (yin energy).
    • Awakens the goddess inside of you and provides you with a new kind of passion.
    • Most potent and beneficial Gemstone used throughout the full cycle from conception to mum and baby bonding and nurturing.
    • Highly recommended for any kind of new beginnings.
    • Provides you with deep emotional healing and balance.

    Carnelian (July Birthstone)

    • Contains the energy force to motivate you to take action.
    • Increases you vitality and endurance levels.
    • Keeps you inspired and passionate.
    • Encourages physical pleasure, affection and intimacy between you and your partner.
    • Protects you from poverty and your home from theft, floods and storms.

    Peridot (August Birthstone)

    • Peridot can stop the vicious cycle from jealousy creating feelings of insecurity and insecurity creating feelings of jealousy.
    • A great Gemstone to use even if you are experiencing an extreme and destructive type of jealousy.
    • Alleviates any feelings of guilt, fear, resentment, impatience and anxiety that you may have.
    • Amplifies healing energy and for this reason Peridot is really beneficial to use during Reiki sessions.
    • Keeps you on the sunnier and happier side of life.

    Lapis Lazuli (September Birthstone)

    • Brings your burning ambitions to the surface.
    • Opens the door of opportunities for you.
    • Great Gemstone to use for interviews, exams and job promotions.
    • Increases your mental powers and your powers of persuasion.
    • Premenstrual Tension and Menopause.

    Lemon Jasper (October Birthstone)

    • Helps you to grow and develop in a more positive and constructive way.
    • Assists you in recognising false or fake people.
    • Supports you through really tough times.
    • Rids any feelings of jealousy and resentment.
    • Provides you with a sense of Completeness, wholeness and contentment.

    Citrine (November Birthstone)

    • One of the most powerful amplifying Gemstones to help turn your dreams, goals and intentions into a reality.
    • Protects you from episodes of depression, fears and phobias.
    • Best Gemstone for giving your willpower and feelings of self worth a boost.
    • Creates and attracts Wealth, Abundance and Happiness into all areas of your life.
    • Known as the Money or Merchants Gemstone because of its powerful energy vibrations is like a magnet for attracting Wealth into your life.

    Turquoise (December Birthstone)

    • Provides you with protection from electromagnetic radiation transmitted from computers, mobile devices, microwaves and even televisions.
    • Known as the best Gemstone to use for eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.
    • Extremely beneficial for depression, anxiety, mood swings and panic attacks.
    • Fear of Flying.
    • Provides a very soothing and calming energy around you.







     Healing Energy From Natural Gemstones

     All our Gemstone Bracelets and Tumbled Gemstones are Cleansed, Energised and Activated by Qualified and Certified Holistic Therapists with Healing Reiki Energy and by using other methods as below prior to being sent to you.


      How We Cleanse, Energise and Activate Your Gemstone Bracelets and Tumbled Gemstones

     Sacred Ritual of burning Sage Smudge Stick in an Abalone Shell Dish

    Cleansing using Sage Smudge Sticks and Abalone Shell Dish.

    Using Reiki Healing Energy on Crystals

    Using Reiki Healing Energy by Qualified and Certified Holistic Therapists.

    Using Clear Quartz in centre to amplify the energy vibrations of all other tumbled gemstones around it

    Energising other Tumbled Gemstones using Clear Quartz Tumbled Gemstones in the centre for at least 24 hrs.

    Gemstone Bracelets being activated with healing energy by using natural and raw Clear Quartz Points

    Activating a customers Gemstone Bracelets using North, South, East and West Energy with Natural and Raw Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Points.

    Please Note:

    We would highly recommend that when you feel or sense the Energy Vibrations from your Gemstone Bracelet(s) and/or Tumbled Gemstones becoming lower, that you Energise them using Clear Quartz Tumbled Gemstones in the centre or next to them for at least 24 hrs to enable you to continue receiving the Full Healing Benefits from your chosen Gemstone Bracelet(s) and/or Tumbled Gemstones.

    For Example:

    • If you suffer from Depression on a day to day basis then the Energy Vibrations from your Gemstones will be used more frequently and therefore would be advisable to Energise them on a monthly basis.
    • If you occasionally suffer with a Low-Mood then the Energy Vibrations from your Gemstones will Not be used as frequently and therefore would be advisable to Energise them on a 3 to 6 Monthly basis.

    Golden Rule:

    Generally it is best to use your own Intuition or gut Instincts because only you will feel or sense when it is time to Energise your Gemstone Bracelet(s) or Tumbled Gemstones.

     VTCT proof of Certificate for Qualified Holistic Therapists

    *(VTCT Awards are Highly Recognized both in the U.K. and Internationally for Excellence)


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     Worldwide delivery times and prices

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    *All our Jewellery is made specially for each person and takes approximately 3-5 days to complete prior to being sent out to you, although we always aim and try our utmost to complete your Jewellery for you prior to this time.

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