Labradorite Crystal Healing Tumbled and Polished Gemstones
Labradorite Crystal Healing Tumbled and Polished Gemstones

Labradorite Crystal Healing Tumbled and Polished Gemstones

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If you suffer with feelings of depression or hopelessness, this is where the magical and powerful energy from Labradorite can benefit you, by helping to create an immunity for you to help prevent these feelings from arising in the first place.

Labradorite is also known to be the Gemstone of Magic because it can greatly assist you with any major changes in your life, like moving home, having a baby, changing your career or with decisions about your relationships.

With Labradorite, the magic exists like an inner glow known as the phenomenon called Labradorescence which is an electric blue or rainbow type flash that is hidden within them and can be seen when they are turned or positioned in the right direction.

This is the same for your own life, you may have deep desires, dreams, aspirations that have been hidden and kept deep inside you for a long time but if you were moved into the right direction, they could all shine through to the surface again to help transform your life for the better.


1. Use Labradorite with Smoky Quartz Tumbled Gemstones and place them in the middle of your feet (Root Chakra) to help keep you grounded and more balanced throughout your daily activities.

2. Hold or carry Labradorite Tumbled Gemstones often or even during any psychic work to help keep you protected, to keep any negative energies from others away from you and to prevent them from penetrating and hooking into your own Aura.

3. Place Labradorite Tumbled Gemstones underneath your pillow while you sleep if you wish to use for dream recall.

All our Tumbled Gemstones come supplied with our Free Signature Satin Pouch (see image) to help keep them safe and protected for you.

Approximate size: 20mm

Please Note

All markings, sizes, colours and shades may vary slightly from one Tumbled Gemstone to another.

All content on Tumbled Gemstones throughout our website is for informational purposes only, for any health related illness’s or conditions, please seek advice from your health care practitioner.


Labradorite Main Meaning and Healing Benefits

  • Moves you in the right direction and gets the wheels of motion turning in your favour.
  • Heightens psychic awareness and awakens super sensory abilities.
  • Highly protective Gemstone for your Aura.
  • Banishes fears and insecurities.
  • Removes thought forms and projections from others hooked into your Aura that prevents you from moving forward.

Benefits for your Mind 

  • Helps you to feel protected and resistant to depression and feelings of hopelessness.
  • Enhances strength of self worth
  • Helps to banish Fears.
  • Stress and Anxiety reliever.
  • Insecurities.
  • Powerful protector.
  • Strengthens intuition.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Patience.

Benefits for your Body 

  • Helps you to recover more quickly from illness.
  • Colds and Flu.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Gout.
  • Rheumatism 
  • Period pain
  • Balances hormones
  • Regulates metabolism 
  • Eye Disorders.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Removes warts by positioning on top of a wart and cover with tape.

Benefits for your Soul

  • Increases and heightens psychic abilities
  • Awakens your inner spirit.
  • Powerful protector against negative energy from others around you.
  • Strengthens and protects your Aura by sealing the Aura from any energy leaks.
  • Removes other peoples negative projections including negative thoughts that may be hooked into your own Aura.
  • Attracts good-luck and success to you.
  • Removes bad habits.
  • Self discovery.
  • Transformation and change.
  • Strengthens trust in the universe.


 Healing Energy From Natural Gemstones

 All our Gemstone Bracelets and Tumbled Gemstones are Cleansed, Energised and Activated by Qualified and Certified Holistic Therapists with Healing Reiki Energy and by using other methods as below prior to being sent to you.


  How We Cleanse, Energise and Activate Your Gemstone Bracelets and Tumbled Gemstones

 Sacred Ritual of burning Sage Smudge Stick in an Abalone Shell Dish

Cleansing using Sage Smudge Sticks and Abalone Shell Dish.

Using Reiki Healing Energy on Crystals

Using Reiki Healing Energy by Qualified and Certified Holistic Therapists.

Using Clear Quartz in centre to amplify the energy vibrations of all other tumbled gemstones around it

Energising other Tumbled Gemstones using Clear Quartz Tumbled Gemstones in the centre for at least 24 hrs.

Gemstone Bracelets being activated with healing energy by using natural and raw Clear Quartz Points

Activating a customers Gemstone Bracelets using North, South, East and West Energy with Natural and Raw Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Points.

Please Note:

We would highly recommend that when you feel or sense the Energy Vibrations from your Gemstone Bracelet(s) and/or Tumbled Gemstones becoming lower, that you Energise them using Clear Quartz Tumbled Gemstones in the centre or next to them for at least 24 hrs to enable you to continue receiving the Full Healing Benefits from your chosen Gemstone Bracelet(s) and/or Tumbled Gemstones.

For Example:

  • If you suffer from Depression on a day to day basis then the Energy Vibrations from your Gemstones will be used more frequently and therefore would be advisable to Energise them on a monthly basis.
  • If you occasionally suffer with a Low-Mood then the Energy Vibrations from your Gemstones will Not be used as frequently and therefore would be advisable to Energise them on a 3 to 6 Monthly basis.

Golden Rule:

Generally it is best to use your own Intuition or gut Instincts because only you will feel or sense when it is time to Energise your Gemstone Bracelet(s) or Tumbled Gemstones.

 VTCT proof of Certificate for Qualified Holistic Therapists

*(VTCT Awards are Highly Recognized both in the U.K. and Internationally for Excellence)


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